Our team works closely with their clients for cost-effective and comprehensive right-of-way services. Our right-of- way services include projects large and small throughout Oklahoma.

We have direct experience with the following:

Document Preparation of:

  • Affidavits
  • Deeds
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Right of Way Grants
  • Roadway Grants
  • Surface Site Grants
  • Utility Easements

Title Research, Examination and Curative Work

Negotiation and Acquisition of:

  • Access Roads
  • Leases
  • Plant Sites
  • Right-of- Way
  • Surface Sites, including pad sites, valve sites, pump stations and compressor sites
  • Utility Easements

Route and Site Determination and Planning

Permits, Franchises and License Agreements

Construction Support

Alignment Studies

Site and Surface Evaluation

Surface Settlements


Project Management

Due Diligence for Acquisition and Divestiture

Condemnation and Litigation Support

Mineral & Leasehold Ownership