Why are you being contacted?

You are being contacted because our research has determined that you own an interest in the real property across which our client would like to obtain a pipeline right-of- way, easement or surface site. We are generally contacting you so that we can purchase the right-of- way, easement or surface site. Once we have been able to obtain all of the necessary rights-of- way, our client will then follow up by placing the pipeline
across your property on the easement obtained from you.

How does this process work?

  1. We send you a proposed Right-of- Way, Easement or Surface Site Grant to review and approve.
  2. Once you approve, you should either contact our office to arrange to execute the Right-of- Way, Easement or Surface Site Grant and provide instructions for delivery of the check or simply execute the agreement and return it to our office.
  3. Once the agreement has been properly executed and returned, payment will be processed and the check will be delivered to you.

How do I properly execute a Right-of- Way, Easement or Surface Site Grant?

All landowners and their spouses, if any, must sign in the places indicated on the agreement in the presence of a notary public. Typically any bank, law office or tag agency has a notary public available. Once you have signed, the notary public will also sign and then place their seal on the document.

We will also need a signed, dated and completed Form W-9 which should be attached to your agreement. Please be sure to completely fill out the top portion and include the social security number or tax identification number for the individual or entity to whom payment will be made. If payment is to be made to multiple individuals or entities, a Form W-9 will be needed from each one.